How to Trade Forex:
Enjoy Making Money Reliably and Safely

Wow!!!! My book How to Trade Forex – reached #1 on Amazon after 5 days…. I am blown away!!!!  My thanks to you and all your interest that made it a best seller!!
Don’t have it yet? Only the price of a cup of coffee, and if you don’t have a kindle, Amazon provide a kindle cloud reader and downloadable app for laptops etc. (You can also buy it worldwide on Amazon ‘country’ sites, do look it up – it is well worth a cup of coffee).

Amazon #1 Best Seller

I cover loads of ground in my book; I cover risk and money management in some detail, how to choose the best forex pairs to trade, I give you a higher probability trade strategy, a detailed trade plan, managing your mindset and how to trade forex with more confidence and safety and much more….

Over the last few years I have written software/algorithms to help people trade and anyone who buys my book and sends me the discount code within can have access to the trading indicators and trade alerts free for a month. While the book explains how to do it as a complete strategy and prudently managing risk, the algos give audible trade alerts and suggested high probability trade specs; entry price, stop price, target profit levels and more.

For anyone who is interested in a quick overview of how they work, please see these videos of AUDUSD trades (best viewed full screen):
High Probability Low Risk trade – A Friday afternoon trade alert on the #AUDUSD 30 minute chart gives over 4% return on capital in 2 hours. (3:09). Like this!

Two trades on the #AUDUSD 15 minute chart gives over 3% return on the day.

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Amazon #1 Best Seller