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High Probability Low Risk trade

A Friday afternoon trade alert on the #AUDUSD gives over 4% return on capital in 2 hours. (3:09). Like this!

Forex Trading Strategies that really work
Eavesdrop on a Live meeting tutorial and discussion of Forex trading strategies that really work using CATO 30MinuteTrading Algos and risk management. A presentation/discussion on a wide range of trading considerations (56:40)
Risk, Probability and Money Management

Probably the greatest Secret to successful trading and making money is risk management. The truth is, “The only thing you can control is your risk”. Make sure you do. (10:13)

How to keep trading records using MT4

Every trade is a trading lesson. Possibly the second best Secret to trading success is keeping records and analysing your trades afterwards. Great trade example on #GBPJPY 30 minute timeframe, 73 pips in 43 minutes. Review and Learn from each trade. (8:57)

Dow Jones Trade for 250 pips.

Always trade with a clear trading plan, know the setup you are looking for, the rules of engagement, the entry, stop and targets. It’s always nice when a plan comes together, and this trade shows one kind of setup you are looking for. (2:47)

Trading the AUDUSD 15 minute chart with CATO indicators and trade alerts

This is another example of two great trade setups, now on a smaller time frame, tighter and quicker trades. (7:53)

How to Improve Your Trading Success – Trading with the Trend

A talk on the difficulties and solutions to finding trend. (16:31)

Forex Trading Strategies Training intro to CATO indicators on MT4

Quick overview and training on using the CATO “CAsh To Order” indicators (19:59)

Forex Trading Success with Risk Management

Probably the greatest secret to successful trading and making money is risk management. Includes example range trade strategy. (35:03)

How to make money trading Forex and Indices using “Cash To Order” CATO indicators.

Full explanation of the things you should consider as part of your trading strategy (48:22)

Beginners Introduction to trading online markets
This is a recording of a 1 to 1 conversation introducing a beginner into trading online markets. Listen in. (39:31)
Forex day chart trading using the CATO 30MinuteTrading Algos
How to trade forex, principles of support and resistance, candles and price action, details of how to trade prudently, and how to use the CATO BBB indicators to trade safely and make money trading forex and other assets like stocks and shares trading, indices and commodities (32:54)